A Place For Thoughts of Yarn

I did it! For years, I’ve thought about opening a shop on Etsy. It took me forever, but I finally got it done. Now I have a place to show off my yarn creations (on Etsy) and a place to talk about how much I love yarn (here).

I LOVE yarn. It’s more of an addiction. I have more yarn than some yarn stores. I love how beautiful the colors are, how soft the fiber is, but most of all, I love all the potential. With a mere plastic hook, I can create a sweater, blanket, hat, shawl, or socks. From a piece of a string to a piece of clothing. How amazing is that???

My niece, Julia, is a crochet master. She learned when she was seven, and taught me how to crochet when she was 21. I’d tried to learn a million times, and I could make a chain, but I didn’t know how to do anything else. Patterns were unintelligible, and made as much sense to me as when I tried reading Russian. Somehow, Julia pushed me past all of that into a world of color and creation that I never imagined would be possible.

I think the reason it finally clicked is because she started the foundation and first two rows for me, then let me take over. Instead of my fumbling around and fighting with a floppy chain, I actually had a bit of fabric to hold onto and follow. After two days, it all clicked. Chain, single crochet, double crochet, treble crochet, turn.

For me, crochet is meditative. Counting stitches, pushing the hook through, wrapping the yarn around, pulling it through, then doing it again…it calms me and slows down my ever-racing thoughts. Sometimes I’ll crochet while I’m watching TV, or listening to music, or standing in a line, or waiting in an office somewhere. But sometimes, I do nothing but focus on the feel of the yarn as it slides across my hand, counting double crochets like some people count sheep.

I hope that if you know how to crochet, you will welcome me into your fold. If you don’t know how, hopefully I can inspire you to pick up a hook and a skein and make something. If I can do it, anyone can.


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