Blue Heart

One would think that by now, I’d learn my lesson about crocheting at bedtime. Nope. Most mornings, I wake up with hook and yarn in hand, a pattern on my chest, and a whole lot of frogging to do. It never fails…bedtime crochet is always such a disaster.

Fortunately, with my current project, I am having a hard enough time following the reps while I’m awake. For a change, I was smart enough to put it all away when I started to feel sleepy. As comforting as it is to crochet while the rest of the house is asleep, I didn’t want to spend my morning unraveling a disaster.

I’m currently working on Doris Chan’s “Blue Curaçao,” which is a pineapple lace shawl. I’m using a finer yarn than the pattern calls for, so I will likely have to add another row of pineapples…or call it a shawlette. Hm…that sounds much easier.

I wonder if she meant to call it “Blue Coração.” Coração is Portuguese for “heart” and is pronounced much like “corazón.” While there are many differences between Spanish and Portuguese, there are also many similarities, if one knows the code…like “ão” is pronounced “ón.” My daughter works at a Brazilian Churrascuria, and is slowly learning the different words, as several of her coworkers are from Brazil. Since she is fully fluent in Spanish, it’s not a difficult leap.

This particular shawl could be quite festive if made in bold colors, however I’m using a frosted blue. I am trying to decide if I should block it, or leave it loose and ruffly. Here are the first 14 rows:

It’s actually much easier to see the pineapples in the picture than in real life. I forget how pretty they are, because at the moment, all I see is a pile of stitches. I’m hoping to finish this today.

Do you have a favorite pattern type? Do you prefer clusters, fans, pineapples, cables, or motifs? Or do you stick to straight stitches?


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