Celtic Knots and Cables

I finally finished the Blue Heart shawl! Unfortunately, my daughter went out clubbing last night and wore the wrong shoes, so she has blisters all over her feet and can’t model for me today. Obviously, it was her first time to ever go to a club, and although she had a blast, she knows what not to wear next time.

Now I am moving on to a cabled split shawl that a friend has asked me to make for her. I love making cables in crochet…I’m sure it’s the Irish side of me that longs for Aran sweaters and shawls, and filet crochet Celtic knots. My friend is going to a Ren Faire in two weeks, so I have to move fast. So a K hook it is (don’t want it too lacy), with Simply Soft in Autumn Red. I love the color and sheen, and it will have a great drape. The problem with cables is they can sometimes make the fabric too stiff, so using a soft yarn should overcome that. Here are the two patterns I’m blending and adapting for my pattern:


Picture and pattern by Becleigh Durham


Picture by GwenAnne, Pattern by Joyce Nordstrom

I’m about to be out of shows to watch while I crochet. I’m almost done with Gossip Girl (I know, I know), and it only got 10 episodes for their series finale. Fringe is also on their series finale, with only 13 episodes. So my question to you is, what do you watch or listen to while you crochet? What’s your favorite tv series? Perhaps it is one I haven’t heard of, and will give me something new to watch!


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