All Tied Up In Knots

After losing an entire day due to sleeping off the anesthesia from a minor surgical procedure, I lost even more time after deciding to frog my four completed rows. I was trying to do it all in one panel, even though one pattern is done in hdc and the main pattern is done in dc. I gave up on that (nightmare) and went with separate panels instead. It’s much faster, as there isn’t as much counting to be done.

I am in love with Becleigh’s design, as it is original and intricate. It’s also a pain to follow, but I broke out the stitch markers and that has helped substantially. When I first learned to crochet, I refused to use markers, trying to act all tough and edgy. Now I can’t imagine stitching without them. I like the rounded plastic ones with a little slit on one side. I bought all the makings for pretty jewelry style ones, but I’ve never gotten around to assembling them. I may put aside a few hours next week and make them to put in my shop.

Meanwhile, here’s the new center panel as opposed to the middle of the one big panel!

1/28th of the way through the middle panels!

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