Knot Anywhere Near Done

After a two day crochet-athon, my wrists are inflamed, and I have a chafed spot on the side of my arm where it rubbed against my shirt while I’m stitching. I gave myself last evening off, but today, I’m back at it.

As you can see, I’ve made quite a bit of progress, but it’s still only about a sixth of the way done. This is the first full repeat, with three more to go. Then I will make four strips of a simple cable stitch, and seam them all together.

I asked my friend at StitchKnit if she had any tips for the chafing problem, and she said she uses a small towel folded up and tucked into her armpit. Sounds bizarre, but it worked!! My arm is able to rest comfortably while maintaining a safe distance from my shirt. I’m really grateful to have a needlework mentor who is happy to share her knowledge.

Today, I’m breaking up the crochet work with other Etsy related business things. You may have noticed I’ve switched up the blog a bit and added an About page. I also plan to add jewelry to my shop, so that means pictures, pictures, and more pictures. Then there is adding the descriptions, measurements, etc. I will be the happiest girl if I ever manage to sell anything! After all this work, I hope it pays off enough to keep me in yarn…


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