Overwhelmed and Under Stress!

Sigh. I know we have six weeks until Christmas, but I feel like I have six days. I blame it on Michael’s. With all their craft stuff everywhere, I desperately want to do one of everything, but there’s just no time. So I just end up feeling stressed.

I didn’t plan to go to Michael’s, but Aubrey is taking the Wilton cake decorating courses, so she needed coloring and piping gel and a cake spinner and…and…and… And I’m so glad that she has a job and paid for all of that stuff herself. Yesterday, she almost killed us all with a super ultra rich chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and a chocolate ganache filling. For the ganache, she used real, heavy cream, and for the frosting, she used real butter. This thing is a chocolate heart attack. I made the mistake of eating two pieces (because it was SO damned good), and then spent the rest of the night with a stomach ache.

I think another thing contributing to my holiday stress is the mess that is my office. It’s so disorganized, with bags upon bags upon bags of yarn. If they did a show about yarn hoarders, I would be the star. I always comb the clearance sections, or snag yarn when it’s on sale. Then it tends to multiply in the dark, much like clothes hangars. I feel like I’m in the movie, “The Blob,” but instead of being from outer space, it’s a giant ball of yarn, bearing down on me at avalanche speed.

I need a plan. Actually, I need a professional organizer. I have so many craft supplies, and I actually DO all of these crafts (okay, except for the quilting, but the four bins of fabric are a whole other story). I wish I had a fairy craft-mother who could come wave her magic wand and have all my supplies fly into the bins where they belong. I guess she must be using the Apple maps, and is somewhere in South Korea. Sigh.

My office around this time last year. Not too much has changed, other than the items that make up the piles.

I wrote this several hours ago, and did come up with a solution…I took a LONG nap! Now my office is still a mess, but I don’t really care as much. I think I shall try to remind myself to take a nap everyday between now and New Year’s Eve. Besides, the more I sleep, the more yarn I have when I wake up!


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