Simple Pleasures

After a several week heat wave (as is customary for fall in Texas), once again it is finally cool enough for a fire. Last night, I put a new, thick comforter on my bed, with my denim quilt on top. This morning, I am cuddled up under my quilt with a pile of warm yarn in my lap and a fire next to my bed. Now that Aubrey is awake, hot tea is on its way. I just need Oreo to come snuggle and my simple pleasures will be complete.

Warm and toasty!

Fall is my favorite season, although New England does it better. Still, I love crocheting in the fall as we barrel towards Christmas. It makes me feel connected to my prairie-inhabitant ancestors, whom I am sure did some kind of needlework. I imagine my grandmother in Colorado sitting in front of a fire, working on a pair of socks, or a quilt, or a cross-stitch sampler. She was a nurse, and considering how much Aubrey looks like that side of the family, I’m sure she was beautiful.

I have my projects in queue; my friends Celtic knot shawl, a butterfly shawl for Aubrey, and I need to finish Matt’s blanket that I started last year. In between, I will be working on rag dolls while Aubrey works on creating new clothes from existing clothes.

After enjoying the experience of having a giant craft room with a fireplace and a bed in it, I don’t think I could ever live without one. At least I’ll know what to look for when we move up north. Yes, my room is always messy, but mess is part of the creative process, right? Of course it is!

So today is a stay in bed, watch tv, and crochet kind of day. Life is good.


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