Tulle and Velvet and Pants, Oh My!

The problem (can one call it a problem?) with crafting is that it takes up most of one’s time, leaving little time for blogging about all the crafting!

At the moment, I am trying to finish my friend’s shawl midst little things like going to the hospital and trying to get the kids to record a Christmas cd. I’m only asking for five songs, but Aubrey is stubborn and argumentative and doesn’t want to listen to anyone else. She gets offended when I tell her she’s singing through her nose, or sounds like she has a wad of tobacco in her mouth. We did finally end up with one decent track of vocals, but because Matt tried to do the vocals first, thinking he could do the piano track second, it ended up totally out of sync; Aubrey is totally a white girl and has no rhythm. She’s got a great voice, but can’t keep a steady beat. So that all has to be dumped and we have to start over, but this time, Matt’s laying down the piano track first and making a click track (a digital metronome) for Aubrey to follow. Sigh. It may be an Easter cd if we don’t get it done in time.


Tonight, Aubrey came home with the pants part of her uniform and the center bit was just a few strands of thread and several giant holes, meaning if anyone looked too closely, they would be able to see the wine angels’ underwear. She managed to darn them so they’ll last a few more days, and in the meantime, I’m going to make a new pair for each of the girls. Aubrey wants elastic at the ankle, and a black elastic strap across the bottom of her foot. She says the legs slide down when the girls are upside down, so people can see their socks. There’s also the issue that the company pants are way too big for Aubrey, since she’s so microscopic. I figure since sparkle red stretch velvet is on sale right now, it’s a good time to get a few yards.

On Monday, we finally scrounged all the Christmas stuff out of the shed, so today I’m putting the lights on the front porch. The tree will have to wait a day or two. Getting out the tree led indirectly to having to paint the laundry room (our handy guys disappeared), which means that needs to get done so I can clean off my back porch.

Of course, I’ve still got all of my doll stuff and our upcycled clothing to work on, too. My niece asked me to make her a chain maille bracelet, so add that to the list. I would make an actual written list but I’m afraid it will make me feel even more overwhelmed. And dammit, what’s with every web site having a Christmas countdown? I’ve got enough anxiety as it is; the Christmas countdowns just make me want to pull out my hair…or curl up in a ball under my quilt and not come out until New Year.

So please forgive my erratic posting! As soon as I get my crochet projects finished up, I’ll post more regularly.

How are your Christmas plans holding up? Are you suffering from “TooMuchCrapToDoItis” like I am? What projects are you trying to get done in time for Christmas?


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