It’s Been HOW Long??

Wow, I didn’t realize it’s been close to a year since I last posted. It’s almost Thanksgiving! Of course, that means I’m frantically working on various projects for Christmas gifts (that won’t get done and will end up being frogged in January…just keepin’ it real).

I recently learned how to knit back at the beginning of October which has opened up a world of new patterns, stitches, and wouldn’t you know it, tools. While I long ago decided on my favorite crochet hooks (Susan Bates Luxite Plastic), I’ve yet to find a good set of needles. So far, I’ve tried Lion Brand (meh), Susan Bates (love the tips…these are my favorite inexpensive straights), Boye (no. Just no.), ChiaoGoo Bamboo fixed circulars (the regular ones with the clear wires…good, but I don’t like the bamboo), Susan Bates Velocity fixed circulars (ok, but the wire is too stiff), and finally, ChiaoGoo Stainless Steel fixed circular with the red wire.

O.M.G, the red wire ChiaoGoo is HEAVENLY! Straight out of the package, the wire is soft, flexible, and nearly straight! The join is smooth and sleek, meaning there’s nothing to snag the yarn. I love the curved join, because it keeps the fabric moving smoothly down onto the wire instead of my having to stop and shove it down (a problem with the Bamboo). I’m in love! I’d already set my heart on the ChiaoGoo Red Twist interchangeables, but I wanted to try the wire before I committed.

Unfortunately, I’m still torn. Have you SEEN the KnitPicks Caspian needles? They are gorgeous!! I’m considering ordering their trial set of two interchangeables (size 6 Caspian wood and size 7 nickle plated), which also comes with two cable lengths (24″ and 40″) and four end caps, as well as the tightening tool which looks like a twirled t-pin. The Caspian needles are so pretty, and the wires are a beautiful matching teal color.


Do any of my dear readers have any of the KnitPicks needles? If so, are you happy with them? Tell me about it!


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