Here I Row Again

I’m super new to knitting, so I’m still learning things like what a pain in the ass it is to not discover my stitch count is off until I’m a couple dozen rows down from where I made the mistake that threw it off. I’ve been working on this shawl for about six weeks now, and the majority of that time has been spent doing the same  dozen or so rows over and over. After this last round of frogging, I’ve become super paranoid and I’m now counting my stitches after every fourth row. The other three rows are just knit stitch, so as long as that fourth row is right, the next three will be right, too…assuming I don’t drop a stitch somewhere, but I usually notice that right away. Everyone around me notices, too, because there’s a whole lot of cussing going on when that happens.

It’s so much more difficult to frog in knitting than in crochet. With crochet, the stitches in the row beneath don’t collapse when I rip out a row, whereas with knitting, stitches don’t neatly and patiently wait for me to run the needle through. After putting my working stitches on and off the needle for what seemed like the millionth time, I realized it would be much faster to just run a line of embroidery thread on a tapestry needle through the stitches to hold them while I counted. If they were still wrong, it only takes a second to pull the thread, unlike trying to smooth 257 stitches on and off my circular needles.

Every needleworker has their own little tips, tricks, and admit it, quirks. I admit that my OCD makes me rip back rows of work if I’m off by one stitch, whereas a normal person would just, oh…add a freakin’ stitch. Every time my husband comes home to find me under a pile of loose yarn with that crazed look in my eye, he laughs and reminds me that’s what stitch markers are for. I remind him that knitting needles are much sharper than crochet hooks.

Fortunately, this pattern is a very easy beginner’s lace, so I have this section memorized. After doing it a billion times, I’m much faster at getting through the yarn over rows. Since Texas (and most of the rest of the country) is hunkering down for the southern bit of Winter Storm Cleon, I have nowhere that I have to be, which means I can knit and watch Law And Order: SVU while snuggled under my layers of quilt, blanket, and comforter.

Meanwhile, my luxurious yarn stash continues to grow. In today’s mail, I received my JL Daisy Alpaca in black and another skein of JL Mira, this time in hot pink. OMG, the alpaca is so soft, I know it will have to be a scarf so I can bury my face in it. It’s like snuggling a kitten!




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