Friday On The Needles

Wow. It’s amazing what can be done with a simple knit and purl when you add a few yarn overs and knit2together and slipslipknit stitches. But damn, it is seriously complicated to keep track of exactly where your yarn is supposed to be when you’re switching between all of the above stitches.

After a hole disaster with the cashmere scarf that was on my needles last Friday, I had to frog that entire project. I guess when I started it, I either missed a stitch or didn’t completely slip under a stitch and instead just caught a bit of fiber, because as I was well into my second skein of yarn, I noticed a huge hole somewhere around row 6 or 8. It wasn’t there when I took the picture last week, so my guess is the fiber just gave.

Very depressing, but a lesson well learned. Instead of restarting the scarf, I decided to move on to the next project that I’ve been looking forward to and that is the Cavallo Point Wrap. I’m using JL Salvia merino wool yarn (discontinued…I’ve had this yarn for a few years now), in a cream, rust, and forest green colorway. It’s really soft and is working up beautifully.

While I feel like I’ve sort of mastered the five simple stitches (K, P, SSK, YO, and K2Tog), doing them in combination is like a giant puzzle. Doing a K, YO, K2Tog, YO, P, YO, SSK, YO, K is a serious challenge for a beginning knitter, but now I think I’ve got the hang of it. The occasional S2KPSSO still throws me for a bit of a loop (PUN!), but as long as I pay attention, I can muddle through it. I love knitting because I love watching what seems like just a mess of yarn slowly take shape into a beautiful piece of lace work.


Rather than buy a manufactured lace chart holder for a small fortune, I was lucky enough to take advantage of my friend Bill, who machined a scrap piece of sheet metal into paper size with nice smooth edges and rounded corners. At a discount outlet store, I found a package of “magnetic locker wallpaper” for $2; it is really just three magnetic, 8.5″ by 11″ orange sheets with purple butterflies. I spent $2 for a plain white binder and $1 for a set of tabbed index sheets. Using a small paper trimmer, I cut two long, two medium, and two short strips from the magnetic sheets. I now have a ¬†knitters notebook where I can organize my printed patterns into categories and a lace chart holder, all for $5. I may pick up a package of sheet protectors so that my patterns don’t tear or wrinkle, but for the moment, I just slide my printouts into the pockets in the binder.

Slowly, I’m starting to feel like a real knitter…now if I can actually finish a project!


Friday On The Needles

Woke up this morning to a gorgeous snow day. Yes, I’m from the South, so snow is a complete novelty for me. I think it’s beautiful. This is a little dark because it was early in the morning, and the haze is actually snow falling.



Anyway, since we’re homestuck (and I don’t mean the game), it’s a perfect day to have a cup of tea and wander around in my fluffy socks with the sticky dots on the bottom. Leigh has made me a beautiful room to nest in (she really did make it for ME!).


Crocheted shawl on the back of the chair, and knitting bag in the seat, of course!

Today, I got up, made my coffee, took photos, helped Bill with breakfast, loaded the dishwasher, took a shower, and I’m finally sitting on my bed about to get back to work on the Simple Lace Scarf, which is incredibly easy…just three rows of lattice lace then four rows of knitting. It only takes a bit of concentration in order to remember to YO, K2TOG or K2TOG, YO. They alternate so that the lattice is actually slanted and pretty. I needed something simple to work on while we drove to Connecticut, and this fit the bill perfectly.


I’m using a cashmere silk blend, so it’s soft and fluffy with a bit of squish. It’s not blocked yet so the lace isn’t quite as prominent as it will be. I doubled the width because I like my scarves wider than average, but that’s just me.

The snow is really coming down and ¬†tomorrow is due to be record lows. My husband wanted me to really experience winter in the north to make sure it doesn’t affect my fibro and make it worse. Fortunately, I think my meds are exactly balance, plus getting away from the Hill Country Cedar was an instant fix for my runny nose.

This is my second full day here, and I’ve already accomplished tons!