I am an admitted yarnaholic, avid crocheter, and all around general crafty person. While crochet is my mainline, I also make jewelry, do a bit of sewing, and create new things from old.

I recently got around to opening an Etsy shop when I realized I had a stack of finished projects with no designated homes. That’s the thing about crochet. You can only give away so much of it before people start to avoid you and stop inviting you to parties where gifts are expected. It’s a little like zucchini that way. Since I’m not about to put down my hooks and step away from the yarn, I needed to find some way to rehome my little fashion projects. After helping several other people set up their Etsy shops, I knew it was the place I needed to be.

You may wonder about the name of my blog/shop. It’s actually a Shakespearean reference to the witches in Macbeth, when they are standing around their cauldron muttering, “Double, double toil and trouble.” Considering most of my projects are twice as much work as I generally think they will be, it seemed fitting, but also a bit too long. My daughter shortened it to Toil and Treble and I added the Crochet.

I hope you can find my blog useful, inspirational, and maybe even educational!


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  1. HI there, the celtic knot cable panel you made into a jacket for your friend, may I ask for some help. I tried the artist on her blog and revelry but no response yet. Where the FPTRC and BPTRC are done in the previous…..that is where I am having issues, when i do it in the first row it is called for it works fine…a little curled up, but then the next row it ios called for in, it just curls up so much i cannot see the stitches. Do you know if this stitch goes by a specific name so i can look for a video tutorial on it. thx karen
    kep@nbnet.nb.ca on revelry kepnbnetnbca. thx

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