The Frogging Blues

Sigh. No crochet project would be complete without the need to frog somewhere along the way. For those of you who don’t know, frogging is slang for unraveling…reason being that when you unravel, you “rip it, rip it.” In some ways, frogging is the secret word that proves membership in the exclusive club of fiber artists.

While most of the time, my need to frog is my mistake, today’s unraveling is due to a pattern error.

Author: Doris Chan

Book: Amazing Crochet Lace

Pattern: Blue Curac√£o

Error: Row 20, “SHELL in ch-sp of next shell, next 2 ch-3 sp” should read “SHELL in ch-sp of next shell, SKIP next 2 ch-3 sp”

Hopefully this will save someone an hour or two of trying to figure out why Row 21 doesn’t make any sense!

This is what it looks like up through Row 20: